Take control of your finances and your life with the Smart Home Budgeting Online Course

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' Learning how to manage and budget your money has never been more important. ' 



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Smart Home Budgeting Online Course



The course will consist the following topics:


- Help make the money you have go further

- Stop working so many extra hours to cover your seemingly unending expenses

- Develop a relationship with money that is not based on fear or greed

- Start saving successfully for short term goals like vacations

- Plan for your future with long term savings

- Take back control of your life

- How to start building a health relationship with your money

- How to start setting and reaching your financial goals

- Where your money disappears to every month

- How to get organized and create a realistic budget

- How to deal with your debts

- The best strategies for sticking to your budget


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- On successful completion, each course awards a certificate of completion.
- Voucher is valid for one month only, for redemption
- May purchase multiple vouchers
- Vouchers may be given as gifts
- 45 days to complete the course once activated
- Cancellations must be made a day before the set reservation
- Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with senior citizen card, or any other promotion
- No cash back or credit for any unused amount
- Once registration is confirmed voucher cannot be refunded
- Cancellation of registration shall forfeit the voucher

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Valid from 11 October 2016. Expires 28 February 2017.

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Booking required. - Send your voucher to aga@trendimi.com
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Take control of your finances and your life.


Dealing with money is an essential part of life in our society. Everyone uses it, everyone needs it. Yet many people consider money to be at the heart of their biggest problems. But money does not have to be a problem, it does not even need to be a solution. If you can find a balanced relationship with money, you may find that some of your stresses and worries disappear overnight, without a pay raise.


Module 1 : Learning How to Budget

Building a Health Relationship with Money

Setting Financial Goals

Learning How to Save

Keeping It Flexible


Module 2 : Understanding Where Your Money Goes

Fixed Costs

Monthly Costs

Non-Monthly Costs

Flexible Spending


Module 3 : The Self- Assessment

Getting Organized

Money In vs. Money Out

Optimizing Your Budget for Your Financial Goals

Dealing with Debt


Module 4 : Creating the Budget

Why You Are Writing It Down

Creating a Worksheet

Monthly Budgets vs. Yearly Budgets

Tools and Resources for Organizing Your Budget


Module 5 : Strategies for Sticking to Your Budget

Assess and Reassess

Strategies for Responsible Spending

Preparing for Unexpected Costs

Budgeting for the Long Term


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