DealToday helps local businesses find and keep more customers. We’re a strategic marketing partner, creating online promotions that deliver real-world results. 


And with multiple channels to reach a range of targeted audiences, we can make sure that you’re not just finding more customers, you’re finding the right ones.

Grow your business

We only feature one merchant at a time in each market. You’ll never be pushed to the side for another merchant to steal the spotlight. Add in our incentivized social sharing and your brand gets a level of viral exposure you can’t find anywhere else.


Fact: "87% of customers plan to return to the merchant again"


Target the right customers

  • Trendsetters

    Our members love trying new things. They’re young, engaged, and active social media users. They’re not coupon-cutters, they’re just looking for a reason to get out and experience something different.

  • Families

    Looking for active moms and dads? We have a family-specific category that reaches a pure list of parents looking for activities and services to make their lives easier—and more fun.

  • Food-lovers

    These are people that love to get out and enjoy a great meal. Whether you’re looking to fill seats during a slow time, debut a new menu, or even launch a new high-end restaurant, we have a solution for you.


Find new customers

A recent Rice University study found that 83% of people that purchase a restaurant promotion are first-time customers. Furthermore, 85% of all customers are satisfied and plan to return to that business. And on top of that, they spend an average of € 24,67 above the value of their voucher.

  • Gender

    59% - Female

    41% - Male

  • Age

    36% - 35 - or younger

    29% - 36 - 45

    35% - 46 - or older

  • Education

    21% - High school

    64% - College

    15% - Graduate school

  • Household income

    22% - Below €30.000

    24% - €30.000 - €55.000

    18% - €55.000 - €80.000

    36% - €80.000 +


Increase revenue

There are NO up-front costs to running a marketing promotion with Dealtoday.


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