Indulge in a 3 course meal at Ristorante Cosmana Navarra, savor great food, excellent service in a warm ambiance

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Can be used for 4 consecutive Thursdays


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- Antipasto to share

- Choose 1 Main course

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The voucher is redeemable on the following THURSDAYS for Lunch & Dinner:-
20th February 2014 / 27th February 2014 / 6th March 2014 /13th March 2014

Limit of 25 deals per person.

Valid from 17 February 2014. Expires 13 March 2014.

See the rules that apply to all deals.
Booking Info
Booking required. Kindly call on 2145 0638


Opening hours:
12 - 4pm
6:30 - 10:30pm
Company Website:

How to get there
Ristorante Cosmana Navarra
28, St. Paul’s Street,
Rabat, Malta.

About Ristorante Cosmana Navarra


About Cosmana Navarra


Cosmana, born in the village of Rabat in the 1600s, was the fourth sibling of Dr. Giovanni Cumbo, son of Gakbu, and Cornelia Navarra, daughter of Pawlu. On the 22nd June 1625, she married Lorenzo Cassar from Imdima. Although her maiden surmane was Cumbo, and her surname in marriage was Cassar, through historic records it it known that she always went by her mother’s surname, Navarra. Through their marriage, Lorenzo and Cosmana had no children,


Cosmana died at the age of 87, on the 30th January 1687, after she had successfully seen through the building of the Rabat parish church, dedicted to St. Paul, which project was completed in four years. Cosmana is buried in the small chape; within the Rabat parich church, dedicated to San Anton.

In the Rabat parish church, one finds two paintings depicting Cosmana Navarra. One of the paintings depicts Cosmana standing next to her house in Rabat, opposite the Church. In this painting the churchand the “zuntier”, two of Cosmana’s projects are shown to be fully completed. In her hands, Cosmana holds the architectural plan of the church, therefore it seems that this image was painted with the intention of representing Cosmana as the foundress of the Church o0f St. Paul.


The other painting, dating back to 1735 is the work of Gannikol Buhagiar and is found in the sacristy, on the wall of the same chapel of San Anton.

Cosmana’s ocat of arms can be seen in various places within St. Paul Parish Church, on her tombstone, on the two paintings and also on the many silver artifacts she handed out.

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