UNLIMITED Fat Loss & Toning Group Sessions + Personalised Eating Plan for 1 Month at A New Better Life

Naxxar Slimming Gym/Fitness Wellness

Included in this offer: 


- UNLIMITED Fat Loss & Toning Group Sessions + Personalised Eating Plan for 1 Month

- 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

- Why spend hours uselessly working out 7 days a week when just 3-4 short workouts can give you a metabolic effect that can last 24/7?

- You'll feel and probably see a difference after just your first three workouts. By week three you're going to have so much more energy that your whole day will seem easier. 


- The workouts are so short (30 minutes each) that even if you don't like working out you'll probably like this. 


- I know you've probably tried other things and doubt all this to be true, and it sucks because I don't know how to show you on this page that you'll see in, just a couple of workouts that this, is so simple, fun, and why this will work where those other things haven't...so instead we'll just offer you a 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, fair? 

Up To 6 Workouts A Day To Choose From  - You'll get unlimited access to our Qualified Coaches and over 6 workouts a day to choose from! (We have 2-4 Sessions on Saturdays and Sundays too!)


- We're open 7 days a week making attending super easy and convenient, morning, noon and night!


- Personalised Eating Plan by a Qualified Nutritionist - Apart from being given a Quick Guide to follow before your very first session, within the first 2 weeks of the programme, you will also be given a Personalised Eating Plan which would be based on your Wants, Needs, Preferences, Body Weight and more...


Private Client Accountability Group - We know that if we can impact your life in the other 23 1/2 hours a day you are not working out with us; that we can produce even faster, bigger, and more lasting results. 

That's why you'll be invited to our responsive private client accountability group monitored by our coaches (and your peers) for true round the clock support!


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Fine Print
- Unlimited amount of deals can be bought per person to be given as gifts
- Only 1 deal can be utilised per person
- Not available for the past or current members of A New, Better Life.
- Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
- Attendance Strictly by Booking of Group Sessions only.

Limit of 5 deals per person.

Valid from 28 February 2019. Expires 31 May 2019.

See the rules that apply to all deals.
Booking Info
Booking required. - Kindly call on 9900 3909 to book your sessions.
- Kindly advise you are using a DealToday voucher when booking.
- Kindly present your voucher either printed on or your smart phone.


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How to get there
A New Better Life
A New, Better Life, Labour Avenue,
(Ask for A New, Better Life within the YUE Complex),

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